iBall Achiever Duo X9 Deskset (Keyboard+Mouse)

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Multimedia and internet hot keys, Water resistant design, Extra comfort with Big enter & space bar key. Sealed membrance sheet for greater reliability, Total keys: 111 keys, Power: 2 X AAA size alkaline batteries, Switch Life: 10 million life cycles Ergonomic and comfortable design, High speed optical mouse with speed select button, 3 Button mouse with scroll wheel.Changeable cursor speed to 1000/1600 CPI, Special housing to store nano receiver, Power: 1 X AA size Alkaline battery. Power saving / battery saving feature of the wireless mouse and keyboard leads to Sleep Mode if It is kept Idle for sometime. For cursor click and movement there is a button provided in each mouse which is also called DPI switch. It is used set the speed of mouse cursor, so that clicks


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